Galéria Neon presents the exhibition organized by Lada project:

Music Store

Exhibiting artists: Ian Anüll, Marc Bijl, Laura Bruce, Ingo Gerken / Matthias Meyer, Hajnal Németh, Thomas Chapman / Nik Nowak
Opening: 08. 07. 2010. 7 pm
On view: 09. 07 – 31. 07. 2010.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 2-6 pm

Galéria Neon
1065 Budapest
Nagymező utca 47. II. emelet

The artists showing their works at the exhibition all have a close relationship to different aspects of music production: they record and publish music, design covers, organize concerts, or they themselves are musicians or singers.
The exhibition features musical products as limited edition artworks for viewing, listening to and even available for purchase: LPs, singles, CDs, MCs, unique covers and posters, as well as a sculptural work fitted with speakers.
Some of the recorded sounds are musical productions in the traditional sense, albums recorded in studios; other records include noises of everyday life or conceptual recordings. Such are a cardboard box scraping the pavement as it is dragged by a homeless, the gurgling of Coca Cola spilling out onto the street, the sound of breath held back – silence itself, and the inevitable spastic drags it entails.
The ultimate joke is an empty record containing complete silence, ironically criticising packaging-oriented overproduction, inasmuch as we buy advertisements instead of content. Its cover proudly advocates: Joke for Money.

Special thanks to Béla Horváth for the support


music store