Little Warsaw

based in Budapest and Berlin, 1996 -
Initiative of two visual artists, András Gálik (1970) and Bálint Havas (1971)
Residencies 2000 - 2006
2006Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2004Artists at Glenfiddich Program, William Grant & Sons, Glenfiddich
2002Hungarian Institute, Rome
2000Duende, Rotterdam
Exhibitions 2000 - 2007
20073rd Prague Biennale, Karlin Hall, Prague
Made in, made by, Lada Project Space, Berlin
Société Anonyme. Frac Île-de-France Le Plateau, Paris
Arrivals. Modern Art Oxford, Oxford
Tranzit - Auditorium, Stage, Backstage. Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt
Little Warsaw 2004-2006. Ludwig Museum, Budapest
2006Patriotism Tomorrow. Wyspa Gallery, Gdansk
Locally Beleived. Gallery Bergstubel, Berlin
Kilencvenkilenc Év. MODEM, Debrecen
How to Do Things (In the Middle of (No)where). Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin
How to Do Things (In the Middle of (No)where). Nikolaj, Copenhagen
Panteón. Medium Gallery, Bratislava
Re_dis_trans - Voltage of Relocation and Displacement. Apexart, New York
A Complete Guide to Re-writing Your History. Sparwasser Hq, Berlin
Only Artists. Trafo Gallery, Budapest
Eine Person allein in einem Raum mit Coca-Cola-farbenen Wänden. Grazer Kunstverein, Graz
The Peninsula. Artist film - video anthology, Singapore History Museum, Singapore
2005Little Warsaw 2002-2004. CCA, Vilnius
Publication Project. Tranzit.cz - Museum in Progress, Prague and Vienna
Little Warsaw 2002-2004. Galerija Balen, Slavonski Brod
Little Warsaw 2002-2004. Galerija VN, Zagreb
Little Warsaw 2002-2004. Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava
2004"Who if not we."/ Time and Again. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Interrupted Game. Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig
Travelling without Moving. W139, Amsterdam
Little Warsaw 2002-2004. Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava
Hot Destination/Marginal Destiny III. Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava
Four Roses. Galeria Arsenal, Bia³ystok
The Nefertiti Project. Het Domein, Sittard
European Space. Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga
Artists at Glenfiddich 04. The Gallery, Glennfiddich
Den Haag Sculpture. The Hague
Hot Destination/Marginal Destiny II. House of Art, Brno
Access.cz.hu.pl.sk. Display Gallery, Prague
2003Dreams and Conflicts. 50th Venice Biennale, Venice
Cruising Danubio. Sala de Exposiciones de la Consejeria de las Arstes, Madrid
Hungary Unplugged. Cotthem Gallery, Brussel
1st Prague Biennale. National Gallery, Prague
The Nefertiti Project. (invited project) Moscow Art Fair, Moscow
Moszkva Square-Gravitation. Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Inaguration. ACB Gallery, Budapest
Good Soil. (invited project), MEO-Art Fair, Budapest
2002September Horse. Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Budapest Report. (invited project), ArtForum, Berlin
Budapest Report. Tent, Rotterdam
Utas és holdvilág. Ludwig Museum, Budapest
2001Krém. MEO, Budapest
2nd Berlin Biennale. Jannowitzbrücke, Berlin
2000Crosstalk. Mûcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest
Little Warsaw Projects 2000 - 2007
2007My Domain - Your Space, Studio Protokoll, Cluj
Crew Expendable (research project)
2006'89 Rebels (research project)
The Land of Eternal Discussion (installation project)
Manual (publication project)
Gravestone Records (research project)
Only Artist (research project)
2005Tableau Vivant (performance project)
2004Censorship Blvd (installation project)
Monument Contra Cathedral (installation project)
Deserted Memorial (installation project)
Little Warsaw is Dead (installation project)
2003Good Soil (installation project)
The Body of Nefertiti (installation project)
MONITOR (talk show project)
Arsenale vs Giardini (publication project)
Portrait Gallery (installation project)
2002Flag (installation project)
The Monument of the Last Biennale (installation project)
2001Side (installation project)
Qualities (installation project)
Little Warsaw Presents (publication project)
Artwork of the Week (talk show project)
2000Marble Street (installation project)
Little Warsaw Publications 2000-2006
2006'89 Rebels - comic book / sample copy
Manual - sample copy
LW zine / Monument contra Cathedral - reader
2003MONITOR / Arsenale vs Giardini
Little Warsaw 1996-2002

Little Warsaw is a two person working team. Andras Galik and Balint Havas -- they both born and grew up in Budapest through the 70's and 80's. After they finished their academic training of visual arts in the mid 90's they set up the Little Warsaw initiative as a self-developed umbrella unit for their collaborative activities.

In their projects they use different media. Due to the collective working base they felt themselves encouraged enough also addressed to focus on the visual language at a collective extent. In their researches they followed the etymology, function, social context and unearthed possibilities of the collective visual mind and creativity. Through the example of Hungary they scooped in progress a unique transformation of visuality in public space of a society entering the so called democratic welfare transatlantic stage.

The recent projects of Little Warsaw were exhibited at the Venice Biennial, the Berlin Biennial and at many curated shows. Their work is widely presented throughout Europe and in the United States in highly estimated institutions such as the Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam, GFZK - Leipzig or the Apex Art Gallery in New York. Through the last few years Little Warsaw was granted to stay and work for longer in Glasgow, Berlin and Copenhagen. A most recent publication is available on Little Warsaw at the MIT book: Art After Conceptual Art.

Element, 1999
Good Soil
Good Soil, 2003
Marble Street
Marble Street, 2000
Qualities, 2001
The Body of Nefertiti
The Body of Nefertiti, 2003
Crew Expendable
Crew Expendable, 2006